You are coming to France to work

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You are coming to France to work. How will you be covered for illness, maternity, or industrial accidents? What family benefits will you be entitled to? How will your pension contributions be taken into account?

Will you be a posted, expatriate, or multi-State worker?

In social security terms, posting means that a salaried or self-employed worker who goes to another country to work for a set amount of time (e.g. as part of a job-related assignment) remains a member of the social protection scheme of his/her habitual country of employment.

A worker who goes to another country to work is an expatriate if s/he loses membership in the Social Security scheme of his/her country of origin and is required to join the local scheme of the State where s/he is working.

A worker with multi-State employment habitually works in two or more EU/EEA member States or Switzerland. However, s/he will only be covered by one State's social security legislation.

Both European legislation and Social Security agreements make it easier for a worker to switch from his/her home country's scheme to the French scheme and result in entitlements in certain cases.