Available care, rates, physicians, and healthcare facilities in France

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France's healthcare system supports the patient's freedom of choice. Each individual is free to choose his or her primary care physician, specialist in a direct-access field, or healthcare facility, in either the public or the private sector.

Where should I seek care, and what will it cost?

The website Annuaire santé(only in French) is a service provided by the French health care system. Users can perform a multi-criteria search (name, field, location, type of procedure) for a healthcare professional (physician, nurse, pharmacist, etc.) or a healthcare facility (hospital, clinic, etc.) with authorization to practice in France.

It also provides information on rates and reimbursement levels for care and services.

Annuaire santé smartphone application is also available for free download on Apple store and Google Play.

With regard to hydrotherapy, the National Council of Hydrotherapy Centers (Conseil National des Etablissements Thermaux/ CNETh) offers a website that includes a directory of hydrotherapy centers in France, rate information, and information on coverage for hydrotherapy treatment: www.medecinethermale.fr