What to do before you come to France, and follow-up care when you return to your home country

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As the best way to ensure continuity and safety of care, you have the right to access your medical records. This means that the country in which you are insured must make sure that the health care provider in the country in which you have chosen to receive treatment has access to your medical file.

Accessing your medical records

Article 5, section d) of directive No. 2011/24

"The member State of affiliation shall ensure that (…) patients who seek to receive or do receive cross-border healthcare should have remote access to or have at least a copy of their medical records"

Your country's designated National Contact Point can instruct you on how to get a copy of your medical records.

Follow-up care when you return home

Article 5, § c) of directive No. 2011/24

" The member State of affiliation shall ensure that (...) where a patient has received cross-border healthcare and where medical follow-up proves necessary, the same medical follow-up is available as would have been if that healthcare had been provided on its territory."

This means that your home country must provide follow-up care of equal quality to the care you received in France.