The French Social Security System (General Scheme)



Organizational structure, Financing, Scope

I. Sickness, maternity, paternity, disability and death branch

A - Sickness, maternity and paternity insurance

B - Disability insurance

C - Death insurance

II. Accidents-at-work and occupational-diseases branch

A - Temporary incapacity benefits

B - Permanent disability benefits: pensions

III. Retirement

A - Basic scheme

Rights of the insured, Rights of a surviving spouse

B - Compulsory supplementary pension schemes

Rights of the insured, Rights of a surviving spouse, Orphans

IV. Family benefits

Method of calculation of family benefits

A - Basic maintenance benefits

Family allowance, Flat-rate allowance, Family income supplement, Family support allowance

B - Birth and early childcare benefits

Early childhood benefit program (PAJE) : - Birth/Adoption grant, Basic allowance, Supplement for free choice of working time (CLCA), Shared child education benefit -optional supplement for free choice of working time (COLCA), Supplement for free choice of childcare

C - Benefits for special purposes

Education allowance for a disabled child, Back-to-school allowance, Daily parental attendance allowance, Family housing allowance, Moving allowance

V. Unemployment insurance

Organizational structure, Financing, Applicability, Benefits, Entitlement, Replacement income