Coming to France from another country (outside the EU-EEA-Switzerland and Quebec) for a college internship

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You are a college student from another country (outside the EU-EEA-Switzerland and Quebec) coming to France for a work placement. College students doing an internship in France are required to pay French social security contributions unless they come under an international agreement that states otherwise.

When you register with any of France's social welfare agencies, you will be required to submit a birth certificate that includes your parents' information along with a passport or national ID.

How is a French social security number assigned?
How do I get a French social security number?

Under French law, host companies are required to financially compensate all internships lasting 2 months or more. Depending on how much the intern is paid, certain types of contributions may be withheld from their compensation.

However, if you come under an international social security agreement, you may be exempted from paying French contributions if you have been isUsued a form under that agreement (certificate of coverage or certificate of applicable legislation as determined by the applicable agreement) which certifies that you have health-maternity as well as industrial accident and occupational illness coverage under your home country's social security system. This form is issued by your local health insurance fund in your home country.

If this is the case, no social security contributions will be payable by your host company in France.

A - Contribution-free amount, capped at 15% of the hourly social security ceiling.

Internship compensation includes a contribution-free amount, which is capped at 15% of France's hourly social security ceiling (amounting to 546 € for January 2021). This means that neither the intern nor the host company will pay contributions on compensation up to and including that amount.

However, a flat-rate industrial accident/ occupational illness contribution is paid by the student's school or local educational authority (“rectorat d'académie”) if they are enrolled in a French school.

1) Health insurance coverage

Your French host company will not be required to pay contributions for you.

You will need to take out a private health, maternity, disability, and death insurance policy.

If you are prescribed medical leave from work, you will not be entitled to cash benefits through the French health insurance system.

2) Industrial accident and occupational illness coverage

You will be entitled to benefits in kind through the French general scheme's industrial accident-occupational illness insurance program as well as to a permanent-disability pension, even if the contribution for this risk could not be collected from the school where you are enrolled.

3) Old-age insurance coverage

You will not be able to accrue retirement pension entitlements.

B. Contributions due on compensation exceeding 15% of France's hourly social security ceiling

Employee's and employer's social security and CSG-CRDS contributions will be calculated on the difference between the intern's compensation and 15% of France's hourly social security ceiling.

1) Health insurance coverage

You will become a member of France's general social security scheme if you qualify for cash benefits from the French general scheme's health insurance program.

2) Industrial accident and occupational illness coverage

You will be entitled to benefits-in-kind as well as to cash benefits from France's health, maternity, disability, death, and industrial accident-occupational illness insurance programs, but not to the lump-sum industrial accident/ occupational illness payment.

3) Old-age insurance coverage

You will accrue retirement pension entitlements under ordinary French law as it applies to France's general scheme.

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