Quality and safety of healthcare in France

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Legal basis

In France, healthcare safety and quality are mainly guaranteed by:

Established programs that guarantee compliance with healthcare quality and safety standards and prerogatives:

Mechanisms used to identify non-compliances with the established quality and safety of care standards

Healthcare quality and safety indicators

In order to promote the improvement of quality and safety of care and to satisfy the requirements of patients and users, the Ministry of Health implements a policy of transparent results of the actions carried out in public and private health care facilities. These actions are monitored using specific quality and safety indicators in health care facilities.

The provision of quality and safety indicators is intended to supply tools to:

All health care facilities are required to disclose their indicators to the public; the list of these indicators is established annually by the Ministry of Health.

Quality and safety indicators are used in particular for the certification of health care facilities by the French National Authority for Health (Haute Autorité de Santé), in long-term contracts on goals and means, and on financial incentives for quality improvement. QualiScope (HAS) provides access to each healthcare facility's individual results.