Steps to take before you leave, and during and after treatment in another country

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Before you leave, it is important that you contact the other country's national contact points to get all the information you need to ensure that your cross-border care goes forward smoothly.

Before you decide to seek health care in another country

You will need to:

Before you travel to another country for treatment

You will need to:

During your treatment in a foreign country

You will need to:

Following treatment in a foreign country

See "Patients' rights in Europe" published by France-Assos-Santé.

How to access your medical records?

All individuals have the right to access any information pertaining to their health that, for any reason, is in the possession of a health professional or facility, if that information appears among the professional's or facility's records or in written communications between health care professionals. This includes test results, appointment, surgical, exploratory, or hospitalization reports, treatment protocols and prescriptions that have been implemented, follow-up reports, and correspondence between health care professionals.

The patient can access this information either in person or through their physician, and is entitled to access it within a maximum of eight days following the request, and at the earliest following a forty-eight hour waiting period. The maximum turnaround time is two months for medical information that is more than five years old. The patient's request to access their medical record must be submitted by registered letter with return receipt.

In-person access is free of charge. If the applicant want photocopies of their information, however it is stored, they cannot be charged more than the cost of photocopying or any postal fees.

If a private-practice professional (doctor or dentist) denies the patient access to his or her medical file, the patient can:

However, the patient must apply to the “Commission d'accès aux documents administratifs/ Cada”) (Committee for access to administrative documents) if denied access by:

attaching a copy of their request to access their record, the facility's denial, and the information needed to identify the file, to their submission. By phone: +33 (0)1 42 75 79 99 – By mail: 35 rue Saint-Dominique, 75700 Paris 07 SP – By email:

You have a two-month deadline to apply to Cada following a denial or failure to reply.

Cada then has a one-month deadline to notify you of its opinion. If the facility fails to comply with this opinion (continued denial of access), Cada can bring action before the administrative court ("le tribunal administratif") for ultra vires.

The French Justice Ministry's website lists contact information to help you find the appropriate administrative court by entering the name of the town in which the provider is located.