Prescriptions written in another country: how are these recognized in France?

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Legal framework :
Directive No. 2012/52/EU
Article 11 of Directive No. 2011/24/EU

A prescription for medication or medical devices written in another European Union or European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) member State must be recognized in France. The medications prescribed can be dispensed to you provided that they have market authorization and are available in France.

The prescription must contain the following minimum information:

The healthcare professional writing the prescription must be authorized to prescribe in his/her home country. You may get in touch with your National Contact Point for more information on the requirements applicable in your home country.

However, a prescription for medical care or medications may be refused if the persons authorized to dispense medical devices or medications in France believe that this is in the patient's best interest, or if they have legitimate, justified doubts as to the authenticity or intelligibility of the prescription, or as to the capacity of the healthcare professional who wrote the prescription.